Wednesday, 8 July 2015

Islam takes on evolution

Well according to the people at, the Koran in Surah 24:45 is a firm adherent of the theory of evolution. It says after all very clearly that Allah created all life forms from the ocean which is the prevailing theory of where life started on planet Earth. Granted it does leave out all the important parts but you are meant to read between the lines and fill in all the scientific information as required to make it work.

The only problem is that the Koran is also a firm believer in creation. Its as if Islam wants to give you a treat you with science and then grabs it away from you like the bully at school. So its a buy one get one free in the Koran, where you can get both the intelligent and the ridiculous. That is they follow the same yarn proposed by many Christian theists of yes evolution happened, but Homo Sapiens are different they did not evolve but were created specially in the form of God. Or in the words of the fools who wrote this page of pseudoscience Allah "created humans from earth (not monkeys) and there is no need to attempt fabrications of "links" to the animal world in Islam." This obviously makes perfect sense as it is much easier for an animal to be made from dirt than it is for an animal to evolve from another species.

Homo Sapien trampling all over Homo Sapien Dirtius?

Then of course the Koran denies all speciation when they make those ridiculous crocoduck comparisons by saying "However, there is no concrete evidence to support a cross over in development from one type to another, such as reptiles turning into birds or alligators turning into cows". Of course that is ignoring the evidence(subscription only)that there is for the transition(subscription only) from dinosaurs (reptiles) into birds.

Also they want you to know that their is no DNA evidence showing the link between the great apes i.e. between Homo-Sapiens and Bonobos. Again completely dismissing the evidence that there is a very well verified link between Chimpanzees, Bonobos, HomoSapiens and other great apes. Oh an Darwin was an "armature naturalist" who gets completely misrepresented in their write up of his work. Of course it is easier to misrepresent than actually go through the word and dismiss it in a logical manner.

This really makes me wonder how the people at scienceislam are correct in their claim that the Koran supports both evolution and creation as they literally dismiss every single thread of evidence of evolution.

And now for the fun.........

Islam gets way more exciting than Christianity, as they tell you awesome things like Adam and Eve were in fact created in Heaven and then only got sent to Earth after they sinned.

Also, did you know that the soul only enters the human 40 days after conception. So I gather abortion is acceptable in Islam until 39 days after conception as you are not killing a human if there is no soul. Additionally, the soul leaves the body when you sleep according to the Koran in Surah 39:42. Naturally this must mean that if you kill someone in their sleep it is not murder as their is no soul right?