Friday, 3 July 2015

Are we inherently dumb?

I love humans, I think we have done amazing things like go to the moon, run the 100 meters under 10 seconds, developed vaccines which have saved multiple lives, and the list goes on and on. Yet, I have to wonder if we are all inherently a little dumb, and yes I include myself in this category.

I added this video as I think it shows what we are capable off. Check out the RedBull channel for some more crazy and awesome human behavior.

But before I anger anyone let me point out a simple yet wonderful example of our stupidity. The use of Botulinum toxin as a medical treatment is well documented, and while it is not a treatment that should be discarded it does exemplify our stupidity. We all know someone that has used Botox to remove wrinkles and look better, but what does Botox actually do? This toxin is injected into the problematic area to cause paralysis of the muscles. It is this paralysis of the muscles that removes the wrinkles, and give vain people that superficial smile which is more like the grin of the ghost of Christmas past.

But seriously, why would anyone in  their right mind want to remove wrinkles using a toxin that can be used as a biological weapon due to its toxicity to humans. To put it in perspective the median lethal dose for Botulinium toxin by injection is 1.3 to 2.1 nanogram/kg which is a way lot more than that of Sarin gas which has a median lethal dose of  550 microgram/kg. That is the median lethal dose for Botox is 260 000 times more lethal than Sarin gas. To put this in context Sarin gas was used in the Tokyo Subway Terrorism Attacks which killed 12 people and injured 1000.

This is just one reason that makes me wonder if humans are inherently dumb. Then of course their is our beliefs in things which have no evidence.