Monday 29 June 2015

Why do people hate Muslims?

The existence of Islamaphobia in cultures around the world is something that is prevalent and at the same time is trying to be weeded out. It is something I agree should be stamped out, as stupid things like a Muslim getting denied a closed can of soda on an airplane is just downright stupid. Islamaphobia should go in the same way I think discriminating against someone based on their sexuality should be stamped out.

However, this is an ideal situation and I think it is important to realize why Islamaphobia exists. While it certainly is not a logical position to hold that all Muslims are evil, it is a logical question to ask why does it exist. Phobias are human nature, that is why we have phobias of space, insects and heights. Phobias exist as they come from a fear of a situation or object, so should we be really surprised that Islamaphobia exists?

So why would a person hate  or fear Muslims in general? I am writing this post on Saturday 27th June 2015, and that means it is one day after four different terrorist attacks on three different continents by so called fundamentalists Muslims in the countries of Somalia, Tunisia, France and Kuwait. That's right four terrorist attacks killing  over 100 hundred people and injuring multiple more. Then there are also countless Muslim terror attacks in Kenya, Australia, France, Nigeria, Iraq, Syria, Pakistan, England among many others  that I have covered on my blog over the past few years. Please remember that I only cover a few and this is barley scraping the Islamic threat, but I think I have made a very strong point that the numbers of terrorism versus Islam do not lie.

Of course it does not stop at terror, their are other things like their stupid Sharia Laws which are prevalent for the dumbest and most idiotic ideas that exist on the planet. You know things that will put you in jail or get you killed like; owing a Barbie Doll in Saudi Arabia, or saying Muhammad is a pedophile in Bangladesh (and every other Islamic country), not marrying the person your parents approve of in England, Apostasy in Sudan (and every other Islamic country), and of course a host of other idiotic fatwas.Of course lest we forget that if you are a women you have to wear a burlap sack over your head all day as women are to blame for getting raped if they show an ankle. Actually women are blamed for many more things, but this list is getting a bit long and I think I made my point.

Perhaps what I have written above can give Muslims and idea why people dislike them and plainly do not trust them. So what is the solution for this, what can Islam do to get themselves out of the Islamaphobia shadow?

In a nutsehll, Islam is the only one that can get rid of the scourge and until you do people will hate you. It is not nice, it is not rational but it is human nature. Get rid of the problem or  suck it up and accept that humans are imperfect and going to hate you until things change.