Monday 15 June 2015

Why are we so poorly evolved?

I have been having an interesting discussion with a Jehova's Witness recently. I say it is interesting in the sincere from of the word, as he is  a person that wants to address the important questions. Often when you get involved in theistic debates you usually get the normal"the beauty of the world proves a God", or "its wrong, as the Bible says it is wrong". Now while I am sure these types of statements and questions could and probably will come up at some point. He and I decided to discuss why he believes in a God. This question to me strips away all the razz matazz and gets to the core issue which every theist should be thinking about.

So while these conversations go on, I thought I would put some of the interesting questions that come up during these talks. The one question that I did not see coming was a surprise as we both asked the same question with a twist.

He asked: If survival of the fittest is the driving force of evolution, why are we so poorly evolved?
That is, if survival of the fittest means getting stronger or smarter then why are our bodies so fragile and weak in comparison to other primates? This is a valid question but I think it does need to be put into context as humans have evolved a brain capacity that effectively helps us do away with a lot of strength. We are able to kill using weapons and not our bare hands, and so even though we are not physically the strongest, we are the strongest. Another thing that I pointed out, is that we are effectively distorting the genetic pool with medical knowledge. To be frank, if it was not for medicine, I would not be typing this blog and many would not be reading it. So effectively, I have dodged the survival of the fittest bullet. But this is why we are humans and we have survived this long.

Now, lets move to the question I asked: If God is acting as the intelligent designer, why are we so poorly created? Using the same line of reasoning, I asked why are human bodies so fragile and susceptible if they were designed. Surely, we would expect a designer to wrap their most important design in a lightweight super-strong titanium shell. Imagine we could all be like Tony Stark without J.A.R.V.I.S. as we have the designed mental capacity to do without a pesky computer telling us how to do things.

So, the line of reasoning for both questions is similar, yet only one can be right. Evolution has been proven, while intelligent design ideas ignore the elephant in the room. For intelligent design to be correct, you first need to prove the designer.