Wednesday, 10 June 2015

My two pence on the whole Duggar situation.

Initially, when this whole Duggar media storm hit, I looked into it I decided not to touch it for a number of reasons. However, after seeing all the craziness surrounding this, as well as been called a sex offender, child abuser, and paedophile among many other things. It occurred to this slow brain, that maybe I need to get my opinions across, even if that results in more name calling and unproductive dialogue.

Firstly, as many people do not understand this I will state here and at other places through this post. I am not condoning Josh Duggars actions!

Is Josh Duggar a child abuser, or as most people seem to be calling him a paedophile? No, what he did was deplorable yet for the term paedophile to apply to him, Josh would have had to been an adult when he did this. The facts are Josh was a teenager when this happened and the age difference would never classify him as a paedophile (page 166 of 263). Then on top of that, the fact that Josh is now married to an adult women shoots that argument that he is a paedophile in the foot. You may be thinking now, why is this important? Its important as the label paedophile is a label (with huge amounts of social impact) he probably will never shake and it was irresponsible to label him incorrectly in the first place. People, get all angry when someone calls them an idiot on the internet, remember Josh has to live with this label for the rest of his life and it is incorrect.

At this point, I think its pertinent to say again. I am not condoning Josh Duggars actions!

Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar deserve serious condemnation for not reporting the case. The fact that what Josh did was not reported when it happened, yet at a later stage is deplorable. The fact that it was reported at all is in itself pretty amazing when one considers the significant time gap between reporting and the incident. For this reason, I wish that something would be done to the parents and other adults involved so that this type of abuse which can happen in these Christian fundamentalist home schooling systems never happens again.

Should the police report have surfaced? The answer to this question is yes. But to those people that have not seen the report, I think you should look it up and see how much of the report is censored. That is, there is now way that we would have known that the guilty party was Josh Duggar unless he admitted to it. While we could have speculated about the person, there was no certainty until Josh issued his apology. I am not saying this to laud Josh for coming forward, I am just pointing out that there is some credibility to the man for apologizing and owning his dark deeds.

Oh, as I am sure some people do not get this yet.  I am not condoning Josh Duggars actions!

So why do I think this happened? I think this happened as it is easy to pick on a fundamentalist family who hold good wholesome Christian family values,and purity in such high regard. The same family that likes to point fingers at others and claim people are living in sin. These are certainly all valid criticisms. Yet, there are criticisms and inaccuracies. With this story I have seen a lot of irrational inaccuracies on various internet spaces, especially by more liberal leaning atheists and I think we should be ashamed in many ways.

Regardless what I personally think of Sarah and Bristol Palin, I do believe they have a valid point when they say why is the media, internet social justice warriors and bloggers forgetting about the case of Lena Dunham.

And now let the name calling begin. Thanks for reading all the way to the end.