Thursday, 25 June 2015

Muslims killing themselves

No, its not suicide bombers. This news is sad as it relates to the death of over 700 people in Pakistan during the recent heat wave in that country. There are major issues in the city of Karachi with power outages and just outrageous temperatures (42 (108 Fahrenheit) to 44 (112 Fahrenheit) degrees Celsius) which are contributing to the deaths. Unfortunately, in this Islamic country there is also the prevalence of the Ramadan fast at the moment.

Now, while it is impossible to put an exact pinpoint onto the deaths as being due to Ramadan, the facts are that people are not eating or drinking during the fasting hours which are from sun rise to sunset. These facts are surely a significant contributor towards some of the deaths, as dehydration from not drinking water is one of the reasons many people die from excessive heat.  If your faith is strong enough to deny yourself water while you are literally dying, this just shows that faith is an idiotic idea. In fact in Pakistan it is illegal to drink or eat in public places, so Islamic faith could be the major factor behind many of these deaths never mind Ramadan. All it takes is one fundamentalist policeman or believer and you could end up in jail if you had a sip of water while standing in the midday sun. That sip of water that could save your life, apparently is such an offense that human rights have to play second fiddle during Ramadan.

On the bright side at least some clerics have come out and used a little logic by saying that you can break your fast (have something during the day) if your health is in danger. Then again it does not help when you have believers that say things like this,
As long as I have some life in me, and strong intentions, I will fast,

Thanks Islam for needlessly killing people yet again.