Friday, 5 June 2015

Morality and sexuality

The quote "What happens in someone else's bedroom is none of your concern" is a very apt statement when discussing sexuality. However, I think changing views on sexuality are a great example of the evolution of morality and one that shows we certainly do not need a god to determine our morality.

Morality and sexuality

The need by theists to try and control the base sexual urges and consequences of humans is something that is very well known. We just need to look at the Catholic Church and their prohibitions on contraceptives and the problems this causes in Africa where HIV is such a prominent disease. Then again there are also theists that believe HIV is God's wrath for sexual deviant behaviour, after all a death sentence is what one would expect from an all loving God. Lets also not forget that abortions and divorce are largely banned in some countries based on theistic reasons.

Yet, besides the theists best efforts we see that attitudes towards sexuality are changing. We just need to consider the amount of countries worldwide that have legalized same sex marriage to know that attitudes towards homosexuality are changing. This change mirrors the changes that occurred in many countries where it was considered immoral for members of different races to have relationships or get married. Although, I should say here that legalization of same sex marriage is only one indicator of the acceptance of homosexuals in many countries. There are in fact many countries where the population is accepting of homosexuality, yet the government is not.

Another very recent indicator of changing attitudes in sexuality is the rise of BDSM due to the release of the film Fifty Shades of Grey. Now, while it can be argued that the use of whips and handcuffs is not true BDSM, the fact is that there is certainly an increased interest and acceptance of BDSM by  a much larger group of people than before.

So there you have it, the morality of sexuality has changed and is changing. Yet another way to show that morality is not coming from a God, because if it where we would still not allow inter-racial marriages.

I hope you have enjoyed these posts on morality as much as I have enjoyed writing them.