Friday, 12 June 2015

I am a proud white male

There seems to be an immense amount of what I would call self denial or shame among some atheists and other activists these days. So, I thought I would make it clear today that "I am proud to be a white male". In fact, I think everyone should be proud of their heritage. Not only that, everyone should be proud with the labels they assign to themselves and identify as.

Now, at this point you may be wondering what I mean so let me give some examples. With the rise of so called 4th wave feminism you get men that are ashamed of well being male. Seriously, how crazy is that? In the same vain, when there was the shooting of Michael Brown in Ferguson we  saw a multitude of white people being ashamed to be white. Interestingly, these feelings of shame existed despite the evidence showing that Michael was in fact not the innocent person he was made out to be. As happens often on this blog, my thoughts seem random so why am I bringing this up today?

I bring this up as I believe its important for the simple reason that people are feeling ashamed for things for which they have no control. These thoughts in turn lead to skewed/bad ideas which are not beneficial towards a truly sceptical conversation about issues that need real solutions not based on feelings of shame and guilt. We should be able to point out bad ideas without worrying about reproach from lunatics that are pretty much only able to scream insults and make false equivalences. Let me explain further using an example, that I am sure you will understand. It seems that homosexuality has a genetic basis. Yet no matter how we point this out, we still get fundamentalist theists complaining about their so called choice. Now, as for homosexuals, it was not my choice to be a white male. For that reason I will not apologize and I will not feel ashamed. If you cannot understand that, then think about that again when you hear fundamentalists complaining about homosexuals. After all homosexuals were born that way, just as I was born a white male.

Again, I am proud of my heritage (and my genes) and I will not be ashamed by rage monsters.