Friday, 19 June 2015

Flawed radio dating by creationists shows the Earth is 6000 years old

So, I was having a radio-dating discussion with a creationist that was very knowledgeable on radio-dating which was nice for a change. Clearly, there was cognitive dissonance due to the fact that he was a young Earth creationist. It was during this discussion that he referenced a article which purports that Helium shows the Earth is in fact only 6000 years old. This interested me as I like chemicals and elements so I decided to check it out and more than likely debunk it. Needless to say it did not take long to see through the smokescreen although, I did find the complaining about a conspiracy theory by old Earth scientists fun.

I think it is important to realize that none of this work is published in accredited scientific journals, this is despite their claims that their research was published in a scientific journal. This journal, is actually a weekly science newspaper and the reason this article was published is that it is in fact proceedings for a conference. That means if you attend the conference (and anyone can attend and present at a conference if the organizers are interested in your work) then your abstract, at a minimum, gets published. It does not mean that it is correct, in fact its unfortunate that it has to get published as then you get creationists making up these darn lies. Also, this journal has an impact factor of zero, indicating that it is in fact not a journal as they would like you to believe.

So what did the authors of this paper claim? They claim that the speed at which helium diffuses (move out) of zircon minerals is much faster than is accepted. As such this mean that the Earth is much younger than is claimed.

But, why do old Earth scientists believe this study is flawed? The two main reasons are given below. Please realise that I am not linking Talkorigons as it is an evolution website, there are multiple old Earth creationists that disagree with this study.

1) It seems (and I am no geology expert) that the leak rate of the Helium (which is determined by taking a base value) is incorrectly estimated and does not stand up to more realistic base values. This important mistake is amplified by the absence of other element analysis for lead, uranium, thorium. One would expect this information to be forthcoming from the authors of this manuscript as it is such an important discovery, yet this has not happened.

2) The other more important issue for me, is that the external pressure at which the samples were found is ignored. If you apply pressure to something then it cannot escape, think about a pressure cooker and how the water cannot escape while it is enclosed. Yet, when you open a pressure cooker the water gets out super fast. The video below shows a pressure cooker explosion and I think it explains the idea of why containing pressure is so important, no one got hurt in the video so it looks scary but everyone ran away.
In conclusion, this data is flawed and it does not support a young Earth. Perhaps we could consider this data again if the authors are more forthcoming with all the experimental evidence that would be required to uphold such a fantastic claim.

So, what do we have at the moment? We have deceit and lies. This report is despicable as it shows that these creationists are knowingly lying to you, and in most circles that is considered immoral.