Thursday, 18 June 2015

11 year old Paraguayan pregnant after rape, yet denied an abortion

When I first saw the story circulating of a raped pregnant 11 year old child being denied an abortion I was appalled. I was thinking, what would make people deny a child who was raped by her step father an abortion? The only conclusion that I could come to was that to deny an abortion in this case you need to be sick in the head.

As such it was no surprise to hear that in Paraguay the government is strongly influenced by the Catholic Church. Should we really be surprised that this occurs in a country where 88 % of the population is Catholic and 96 % of the total population is Christian. Apparently, in Paraguay they have deemed abortions illegal for any case except in the case where a women's life is at risk. Needless to say this leads to multiple back street abortions and deaths of women due to the risks associated with these types of abortions. So we can say that clearly the government does not give a fuck about the sanctity of life while claiming they do.

One question you may ask is why would I want this girl to have an option for an abortion? Well, there is no way to know what effect this pregnancy could have on this little girl both physically and psychologically. Now while the government says the child's health is doing well, I have to wonder how accurate this is when she is staying at a hospital. Usually if a pregnancy is going well you can stay at home, I mean my sister stayed at home till it was time for the baby to come. Perhaps, I should also add that the abortion has been asked for, if it as not asked for we would not have heard about this case.

So sanctity of life? What does that actually mean to these religitards that embrace backward laws like this. What posses someone to think that a fetus created from a rape that reminds the victim of the rape for a whole nine more months is a good psychological test. Where the hell are your ethics and morals? Yes, some children born from rape have loving relationships with their mothers, but I would say this is the exception and not the rule. I give up with this type of stupidity, anyone that justifies the refusal of an abortion for this girl is fucked in the head.

There are petitions available on-line that you can sign, or letters to send that ask the Paraguayan government to allow this child to get an abortion.

Lastly, Paraguay is not alone in their stone age laws. Here is a map of the world and you can quickly see they are not alone.
   Legal on request.
   Illegal with exceptions for maternal life, mental health, health, rape, fetal defects, and/or socioeconomic factors.
   Illegal with exceptions for maternal life, mental health, health, rape, and/or fetal defects.
   Illegal with exceptions for maternal life, mental health, health, and/or rape.
   Illegal with exceptions for maternal life, mental health, and/or health.
   Illegal with no exceptions.
   No information.