Monday, 25 May 2015

The rise and rise of Islam

While in South Africa I went with my Sister and Brother to one of the major malls in the area. What struck me can be best summarized by the comment I made to my sister tongue in cheek "Hey, I did not know we came to Pakistan?". Seriously, at the risk that I may be called an Islmaphobe (I do not care) I have never seen so many burqas/hijabs in a public space in South Africa....ever.

Additionally, while driving between the hospital and home I was astounded at the amount of mosques that have risen up. Granted when I was growing up South Africa was mired in Christianity and racism, but that ended over 20 years ago. On top of that, I can only remember ever seeing one mosque in South Africa when I was there 6 years previously. For reference there are no mosques in the city of half a million I live in now.

These visual observations made me realise what people are actually fearing when they see Islam on the rise. Islam is dressed up in the factitious label of peace while most Muslims when pushed would agree that ISIS is actually not doing anything wrong according to the Koran. For me to see Islam on the rise and people leaving their countries of birth to join Islamic terrorist groups in other countries rings a warning signal that this is something we should all be fearing. While Islam may not be dominant in your country today, it could be in the future and next to Christian/Buddhist/Scientology fundamentalists these people are Savages that make Jeffrey Dahmer look like a normal neighbour.

Perhaps it is time that we start challenging Muslims as much as we challenge other religious groups. The only problem I have found is that when you challenge Muslims they are far quicker to mute you or avoid you. I guess there Imams are smarter than the other religions in that they have bred the fear of questioning anything about Islam so far that these people genuinely live in fear of retribution.