Monday, 18 May 2015

The prayer problem....yet again

Prayer does not work, if you rationally think about it and study it (as has been done) you quickly come to this conclusion.

Now, as you may know recently I was in South Africa with my father for a major operation. Luckily, due to the medical teams skill and training the tumour removal was a success. Obviously, this is the beginning point on the road to recovery as he still requires regular check-ups. But so far so good. I would also like to take the chance to say thanks to those that left kind messages.But, that's back-story to what made me chuckle. After the operation, as happens when the religious family members are around, you get claims of God's divine intervention. Its for this reason, that I had more or less the following conversation with a few people.

Believer: See I told you prayer gets answered.
Me: Sorry, I don't understand what you mean.
Believer: I prayed for your father and he survived the operation.
Me: So the skill of the doctors had nothing to do with it.
Believer: Well, God guided their hands and this shows prayer works
(Stunned silence)
Me: You do know I also have Muslim friends right?
Believer: Yes...
Me: They prayed as well, so how do we know that it was your prayer and not theirs? Or simply put why is your god the one that answered this prayer.
Believer: (chuckles)

I think the chuckle sums up the problem. When finally faced with a difficult question the easiest and most unproductive way to handle it is to laugh it off. After all, what does a "god-hating" atheist know.

On a side note, my father is an atheist and he summarily told the religitards to piss off when they somehow got permission to invade the intensive care unit. I say invade as it was not during visiting hours, and it was a group which is against visitation rules of two people per time. Honestly, the only lucky for these religitards, was that he just told them to "piss off". If he was feeling well as I am sure he would have been far more vocal in telling them to get stuffed.