Friday, 8 May 2015

The intelligent design is not creationism lie

There is a lie trotted out by the Intelligent Design (ID) camp that ID is not creationism, but that it is in fact a valid scientific field of inquiry. This claim is a bold faced lie, and as I recently got "called out" for referring to ID as creationism I thought I would address this so called slight. After all, I have no problem being wrong, but I know that I am not wrong in drawing this correlation.

So let me delve into the evidence to show that in fact these two ideas are the same.

The first evidence comes from the fact that we have seen creationism evolve into intelligent design. We just need to look at the book Of Pandas and People to see this happening. To quote from the Wikipedia article.
"In drafts of the book, over one hundred uses of the root word "creation," such as "creationism" and "Creation Science," were changed, almost without exception, to "intelligent design," while "creationists" was changed to "design proponents" or, in one instance, "cdesign proponentsists""
The fact that the word "cdesign propenetsists" even exists is evidence that creationism is ID. Anyone that denies that is delusional. This is one reason that my creationist friend (mentioned above) ended the conversation, as the evidence proving them wrong was in their face for everyone to see, and yes it is embarrassing to be wrong.


But, say we exclude this hard evidence and accept that the ideas of ID have evolved beyond the concepts of creationism. Well, there is one tiny issue with that, all sarcasm intended. If you want to be an IDiot, you need to prove that an Intelligent Designer exists. As far as I am aware, there is zero evidence for the designer/god they are claiming. Its simple really, if you are claiming a scientific theory you need scientific evidence and if your theory is based on a designer you need to prove this designer. If you cannot do this, then you do not have a valid theory. Its so simple that even a two year old could understand it.

Lastly, if you support ID and claim that it is not using the idea of the Christian God and therby further trying to distance yourself form the Creationsim that you embrace. I call you a liar again. As I have written before, the evidence is there that ID is driven by belief in the Christian god. If it was not being driven by Christianity then we would have Muslims, Christians, Jews, Scientologists, Mormons etc all working together and praising a universal designer. However, we do not see this happening at all.

ID is creationism and I am not wrong to equate the two.