Monday, 11 May 2015

Science shows first world feminism is dead

Feminism is something that bothers me in many ways. To be clear I am an advocate of equality and as such I believe that men and women are equal, just as black and white are equal, just as everyone is equal. However, I cannot and will not endorse feminism in its current first world form as it is no longer about equality, it is truly about putting women in a superior position and that is wrong. I highlight first world feminism, as many women in third world countries still need feminism which is based on equality and not superiority.

That said there are issues relating to sex that are very important that warrant support, and at the same time show that feminism truly is dead. For example in 2014 the US National Institutes of Health introduced a policy that lab mice used for medical tests should be half male and half female. This is a very important policy as male and female have a different response to medicine. As such the institute decided to address an issue which has real world effects, i.e. medicines need to be effective for both sexes and dosages may need to be adjusted based on sex.

Then there is the issue of mice reacting to men and women differently in a study published in 2014. In this study the authors showed that mice stress levels are elevated when men are around compared to women and this results in a painkiller effect. This clearly is important as laboratories need to either be only female, 50/50, or only male for trials as sex is having a demonstrable effect. Additionally, this number needs to be recorded so that other labs can reproduce results accurately by using the same gender makeup.

Lastly, there is a study published this year (2015) which shows that in certain fields women are more likely to be hired than men for tenure track positions by a 2:1 ratio. I think this result is especially telling as if feminism was truly about equality then we would have seen outrage trying to correct this imbalance. But don't listen to me and I quote from PNAS "Our findings, supported by real-world academic hiring data, suggest advantages for women launching academic science careers. "

Honestly, I do not care who a company hires. All I want is a company to be able to hire the best person for the job, as that translates into the best for the society. What feminists, chauvinists, race equality proponents, etc need to do is stop complaining like theists, as the places to hide faulty arguments are no longer existent in a first world society.

Here is JacylynGlenn making fun of first world feminism and addressing more important issues of equality.