Wednesday, 6 May 2015

Its true, because I believe it

Belief is a strange word really, or should I say strange in the way it is applied in rational versus irrational arguments. For example, scientific beliefs are based on evidence that is verified and reproducible and may not be what you want to hear. While religious beliefs are largely based on heresay and feeling good about yourself. If we want to categorise beliefs based on verifiable evidence purely, we can say rational beliefs are based on this evidence, while irrational beliefs reject this evidence.

The problem is that trying to get irrational believers to understand why rational believers get so inflamed by their idiocy. So, I decided to take another try at it and explain why I believe your irrational thoughts are just that.

Most theists will tell you that they believe in a god, as they feel god is in their heart, or that when they take a deep breathe in the morning that they can see that only a god can have created this world. They believe that their experiences are all evidence that god is real. Those moments of enjoyment, are all subtle hints at the what is assumed to be rational thought. I mean why would we exist if it was not to experience god in all his glory. This is your typical theistic believer.

There are also believers that have intense moments of pleasure in things they deem can only be true. They gaze upon objects and deem them worthy of their attention as they know that they were put there especially for them. They believe we are all mistaken in our interpretation of their beliefs and that we unfairly discriminate against them. When there eyes are filled with objects of their desires they feel an inner calm knowing that this is all that makes sense to them. This is your typical paedophile.

So, does it make sense now why I reject your beliefs?