Friday, 22 May 2015

Is Evolution Impossible? Seriously Ken?

According to the fine people idiots over at AnswersinGenesis Evolution is not a scientific fact at all. In fact the mantra that we atheists chant "Science has proven evolution is fact." is utterly false. You know that mantra that gets chanted while we sacrifice babies and engage in carnal behaviour on the alters made of fossils put in the ground by our Lord and Saviour Satan. I am adding the layers of heavy sarcasm, as I keep saying the same things so I need to add some colour.

Back on topic, according to AIG we have never ever seen a fish transition into an amphibian. Well turns out that was probably the worst example of a "missing link" ever as in fact we have. Tiktaalik, is an amazing fossil and one that everyone with the Internet knows about. As such, I am not sure why the people at AIG, who have an Internet website, missed the memo.

Of course this fossil is still impossible as we have never seen DNA mutations add information....except we have. Darn two shot and two misses the Creatards are as sloppy as ever with their "research".

Now while this post may seem like a cheap shot at AIG and other creationists, let me elaborate why I wrote it. This is the best there is, almost every time you debate a creationist the arguments head along the lines of missing links and DNA. These are not arguments, they are lies told by fundamentalists that only have trust in the preachers telling them the lies.Its the worst form of apologetics out there, as it does not even attempt to make a good argument. Instead it uses discredited or pseudo-scientific ideas to support a belief system which has no supporting evidence in the first place. If creationism ever had to take hold as a valid "scientific" theory taught at schools, it would be the biggest layered lie ever sold.