Friday, 29 May 2015

Idiocy is contagious as Penuel Mnguni learns from Lesego Daniel

In the past I have mentioned Pastor Lesego Daniel, who now apparently is Prophet, who got members of his congregation to drink gasoline which he magically made into Pineapple juice.

Well, apparently not to be outdone one of his understudies Pastor Penuel Mnguni has gone and made some of his congregations members strip naked. Now, while this is in South Africa I should note that this incident occurred at night in an outdoor meeting, where the temperature can drop below 10 degrees Celsius or even get below zero. Obviously, this sadist did not think it was cold enough as he then commanded the temperature to decrease into snow weather. Just a heads up, it did not start snowing so I gather his delusions of grandeur did not work. Not surprisingly the fact that he could not command the weather did not perturb his flock who carried on being the good sheep they are as they stripped down. Now, while I wish I could say this was all it is not. This fool then went and sat on his naked church members, which is bizarre and shows the true sadistic domineering nature of this retard. If you want to see some pictures of how cold it was you can go to the End Times Ministeries Disciples Facebook page and see for yourself. Or, if you follow the first newspaper link, you can see a photo of this pastor sitting on his congregation.

I have said this before, and I will say it again now, this needs to be stopped. How long will the government allow this to continue before someone dies? Making people drink petrol, eat grass and strip naked are all forms of abuse by sadists that want to dominate and hurt. That the government can not see this happening goes a long way in showing that they honestly do not care. Yet should we be surprised when politicians and judges unabashedly say that Christians should lead the country. To those people that believe religion does not create problems as its personal, to you I say think again.