Wednesday, 27 May 2015

Bibleman or Thor you choose

So who is Bibleman? Well let me explain, he is a Christian who thinks the Bible is awesome and goes around the world getting rid of evil. It involves those virtues of beatings, with the use of light sabers, as all good Christians should be doing. In other words he is your average superhero Christian, or watch the short Promo video of the show Bibleman and let him explain himself.  So basically, Bibleman is pretty much like the Avengers with all the good parts taken out.

Now while Bibleman is no Thor or Hulk, he can do other cool things like sing and teach you moral lessons from the Bible. Honestly, its just too easy to take cheap shots at Bibleman and for this reason I am going to keep this post short. I think the fact that the first time I ever heard about Bibleman was this year and this goes a long way in showing how highly popular this ten year old series is. In fact it has been lambasted by comedians in England during the You Have Been Watching show.

Bibleman, is unique in that it shows what is so great about Christianity. Or to put it more simply, it shows that Christianity is a great laugh if you are rational. The problem is that there are people that actually believe this tripe. I also have to wonder how any sane adult would subject their child to this, as it is insanely boring (unless you are an atheist who sees it for the comedy it is) and guaranteed to make you Mr unpopular at school when you wear your Bibleman T-shirt and your friends all have their Spiderman T-shirts on.