Friday, 15 May 2015

Away for two weeks and wondering why there are still creationists

Its amazing that there is still doubt about the validity of evolution. Seriously though, I have been away for two weeks and when I get back to reading my journal feeds I get news of two astounding evolutionary finds. Let me also note here that this is an almost every week thing, its just that usually when you are exposed to it often you forget how amazing it really is. So in a way being away gave me a new found love for the scientific method that I love so dearly.

The first finding was published in Nature and shows the evolutionary link between eukaryotic cells (we are these types) and prokaryotic (bacteria are these types). This research offers real insight into how bacteria changed into cells that multicellular organisms are made of. In other word it makes the already logical conclusion that we all came from a single cell ancestor a whole lot more logical. Also what is really cool is that the name of this ancestral species is  Lokiarchaeota..... or Loki for short.
The second study, published in Nature Communications shows yet another link between birds and fossils. Now, while the link between dinosaurs and birds is very well known this study shows that the evolution may have started up to five million years prior to the date previously accepted. Also, theses birds looked a lot more like modern birds than Archaeopetryx, click the Nature Communications link above to see photos of these fossils that will blow your mind. I should not though, that as we know have another transition fossil, all this means is that now we have two gaps instead of one in the fossil record ;)

Then on another note, there was a recent study published in Science about the benefits of vaccines. Amazingly, like every other study, this study has shown that vaccines are really good for you. In fact, if you needed to get the memo that vaccines are good for you then maybe you need a brain transplant. Now, I will say the wording of this manuscript does lead a lot to be desired. But for a basic understanding it is best to consider the words of co-author Jessica Metcalf who said "In other words, if you get measles, three years down the road, you could die from something that you would not die from had you not been infected with measles" so basically a measels infection albeit in a vaccine form is really beneficial.

Maybe, I need to disappear more often.:)