Wednesday, 13 May 2015

A rant on stupidity and air-planes

I have just got back from a long trip and I feel it necessary to have a rant about stupid people and air-planes. Consider it my cathartic rant to clear my mind and get me over my jet lag faster.

How can anyone in this day and age be so stupid as not to understand airport security. Regardless of whether you think it is correct or not the rules are there and they are to be obeyed to make it easier for all passengers.I can't even count how many people delayed massive security check lines, because they wanted to take their bottle of water, or their favourite pressurized deodorant can, etc. onto the plane through security. I think the graphic below is pretty clear on what you can and cannot take through security checks, so why do stupid or arrogant idiots continue to try?

Then finally you get through security in minimal time as you are not a blithering idiot who can understand simple signs and rules. But, as you were delayed you are in a rush and you run to your gate and board the plane, all the time wishing that you still had that spare extra ten minutes for that cup of coffee or glass of water you wanted to get before boarding. Thanks idiots.

Then you are on the plane waiting for take off, if only people would put their seats in the take off position, turn of their cellphones,stow their trays away etc. Instead you have to listen to all the stewards running around telling people to either put their bags away, turn their phones off, or fasten their seat belts. Come on people its just not that difficult! And do not think that once they have been told that they actually listen. Granted, the plane will probably take off in most cases anyway, but its simple aviation policies and you are not above the law unless you want to end up on a no fly list.

Lastly, to parents of children and babies. Bring your kids by all means, but try control them and stop the screaming and banging. While you may think its okay to bring your kids up in that free spirited way, its very disrespectful to people that are trying to get some sleep in or finishing a spreadsheet before a business appointment or the like. Remember, not everyone on a plane is going on a holiday trip.