Monday, 13 April 2015

The head in the clouds theist

As anyone who has ever engaged in theist will know that it can be akin to self inflicted torture as you butt your head against torrents of irrationality. Really, debating theists is tough work, just debating creationists is tough work. However, there is one kind of theist that debating could potentially drive you insane. This person is most often the newly saved theist, who just loves god way to much that their head is literally stuck up their ass in the clouds.

It is impossible to have a discussion let alone a debate with these people. They are the ones who gladly admit their ideas are flawed but the evidence is in their heart.They are the theist who freely admit their belief is personal, or even go so far as to admit its irrational. I mean how can you debate someone like this? Is it even possible? But as I love examples let me share a recent one with you where I was debating the authenticity of the Bible. I have cropped the example but I believe in includes the important parts.

Theist: faith has nothing to do with prayer. Prayer is a conversation. We pray because it brings us closer to God our Creator. You do have faith because you can't prove evolution.
Me:  So you disagree with Joshua about "Mark 11:24 "Therefore I tell you, whatever you ask for in prayer, believe that you have received it, and it will be yours."
To break it down further are you saying that if a person prays they will not receive as it says in the Bible?

Theist:  I agree but prayer does say we have faith. It's who we pray to. God gives us faith.

Me:  Perfect you agree that a person who prays has faith. That means that according to the Bible which you agree with that when a person prays they will receive.
As I have stated above prayer studies have been shown that prayer does not work. That means the Bible is flawed..... and if the word of a perfect god is flawed that means?

Theist: I never agreed the Bible is flawed I said i agree with Joshua.

Me:  And that means then you have to take the Bible in its literal self "because when I read the bible I have faith in its absolute truth ". Which means prayer is meant to work every time and we are back where we were before.
So again I am waiting for your acknowledgment. I will gladly respond once you have acknowledged that the Bible is flawed.

Theist: NEVER
You can see the full discussion here.

When I am debating a theist and they start along this line of reasoning, the only way to retain sanity is to unplug your brain. It is nice to speak and exchange ideas, but you are not going anywhere when you talk past this believer.

However, this is my experience. Does anyone have any idea how to approach this type of theist? Leave comments I really would love to know.