Monday, 27 April 2015

Secret Pleasures

I am guilty of enjoying some creationist videos, as it is well.....Really fun to laugh at dumb people. So it was with glee that I stumbled across this Megan Fox Youtube video that has been getting so much attention.

There is so much wrong with this video, so I am not going to give it a detailed analysis. If you want to know whats wrong, just watch it and see every bad argument a creationist can deliver in 30 minutes. Literally, every single word out of this women is tripe. However, there are two points I will bring up.

The first point that almost made me choke was when she was saying that she respects fossils as thats real science. Then in the next hall she discredits the transitional fossils and plant fossils as they do not agree with her bias. Cognitive dissonance anyone?

The other point that made me laugh, which is a significant portion of the video, is the intricate knowledge this fruit-loop has of dinosaurs dragons which starts at 18 minutes. I bring this up as she talks about cave paintings which depict dinosaurs dragons with humans. This is not true and all Megan is doing is being a big fat liar. Here is a link to the Smithsonian website that debunks this claim.

Have fun.

In conclusion thanks Megan, I love dumb people. :D

On a side-note, if you want to have some fun with creationists then make them watch this video on transitional fossils.