Monday 6 April 2015

Muslims going ape-shit, yet again

The religion of Peace has been killing people, yet again. This time in Kenya, 147 people were slaughtered by a group of Muslims calling themselves Al-Shabaab, which apparently translates to "Mujahideen Youth Movement" but what I translate to mean stupid retards with guns.

The Muslims attacked the Garissa University College in the early morning during the time of morning prayers. Now, while it unclear whether Garissa University College is a Christian college (I believe it is not as it is state funded) it has been reported that the Muslims let their elk go, while they killed the Christians. So, I suppose we could say this is certainly a religiously motivated crime with the Muslims following the Koran perfectly in its commands to kill the Infidel.

As we know attacking schools is what the Mulsims do best, as they have shown over and over again how much they hate education with attacks on schools in Pakistan, Afghanistan, Nigeria, etc etc etc. This is obviously a rational position to hold for a group of believers that are stuck in the stone age and believe things like the mountains are pegs set into the Earth and that these mountains stop Earthquakes. If this is the tripe your brain can process I am sure the horror of an education is something that needs to be stopped.

Now I am sure there are a bunch of Muslim apologists that will be jumping up and down and say these are not true Muslims. Well apologists, you are wrong as this group of terrorists goal is to create an Islamic state. Now, if you goal is to create an Islamic state, then I am sorry you are as Muslims as they come. So creep back into your hole whence you came from and shut up, because these idiots are Muslims and that is all there is to it.

Lets hope the Somalian and Kenyan governments get an army together and go kill these Muslims, as truly that is the only way they will ever stop this group.