Friday, 17 April 2015

List of Awesome Comic Book Gods

We often have to listen to the major religions tell us how awesome their gods are. The fact is Allah, Yahweh, etc are just not that awesome when compared to the other comic book gods. So here I present my list of awesome gods, that are worthy of a comic book strip. Granted this list will be updated, but for now I find these pretty cool.

1) Hanuman
I am not sure Hanuman could ever get knocked of top spot after all this is the god that is a monkey and can cause enough havoc to decimate the country of Sri Lanka. But, if you are not impressed by that, Hanuman could also lift mountains and shape shift.
Or the goddess of cognitive dissonance, I mean seriously how can you be the goddess of adultery and also the goddess of purity.She basically would make people do misdeeds and then also purify them from these misdeeds. I suppose this is one way to keep the customers coming back.

3) Namtar
The god of plagues, I mean what more do you need than a god that can cause plagues.My guess is this god was worshiped like most gods held with respect today, when illness was avoided Namatar was listening and when illness occurred the adequate respect was not administered.

Like living a long life? Well this is the god for you and as the Japanese are the oldest population in the world perhaps we should be worshiping Jurojin.
When you think things can only get worse, well you are probably right if you are spending your time worshiping this goddess. This is your run of the mill goddess of bad luck, I mean what more do you need in life than a bit of bad luck.

Honorable mention:
6) Jesus
I was not going to include Jesus due to the mainstream nature of the man. But, I mean to be fair he was a bit of a weird one. Why else would you make pigs jump of cliffs and fig trees die as they are out of season. Anyone seen my fruit loops?

So, who is your favorite comic book god?