Friday, 3 April 2015

How can anyone deny evolution?

I am starting to think that creationists (IDiots included) and preachers that take a literal translation of the Bible are just a bunch of trolls or comedians. In fact I would suggest that people should just start attending creationist events these IDiots hold to laugh like one would if they went to any good comedy show. This in fact may be a really good ploy, it will cost money unfortunately that could be better spent, but after some time the point will get across that they are a laughing stock. Imagine Ken Ham the comedian one night only in Las Vegas. He will be happy as he has money, and the audience will be happy at the amusement.

Back on course, there is so much information out there in the written form such as or books such as The Greatest Show on Earth. You cannot go to any museum (bar creationist museums) and not see the beauty of evolution.  The are so many educational TV programs which show the truth behind evolution. For example, if you have 2 spare hours, the video embedded below is really great and explains evolution really well. So, if this is the quality of educational programs/tools/books/websites that are getting produced at a constant rate, how is anyone able to continue denying the evidence unless they literally are brain dead but somehow reanimated. Is Ken Ham a zombie? To deny evolution you have to live in a cave with no internet or books and never go to school or a museum. It really is that simple.

It is absurd that we as a population on this Earth are unable to get such a simple and elegant message across. I actually feel embarrassed that people continue to hold these incorrect views, it is in my opinion a black mark on our history. It is like a CEO of a Fortune 500 company admitting they believe in Santa Claus. The idea is absolutely scary in the absurdity of it. If this actually had to happen, we would get that CEO help. Yet, here we sit and tolerate this tripe of creationism (intelligent design) just because it requires religion and religion is considered sacred territory.