Wednesday, 22 April 2015

Happy Days if you are a creationist

It is my opinion that coming soon in the weeks ahead, or it may already have started, we are going to hear a creationist argument along the line of, "why should we trust any DNA evolutionary evidence." This has to do with the recent announcement by Nature Publishing Group (NPG) that from May 1st, that they will require all publications that use cell lines to check if these cell lines may be tainted.  It should be noted that NPG has been asking researchers to do this since 2013, however they are only making it an official policy this year.

So why should we care, and why should we not care?

We should care that the creationists may be right in a few instances in saying we need to scrap DNA evidence. For example (example not fact) if a genetic study had been done to check the evolutionary path between two separate species a and b and in fact a link was shown to exist. This data has to be thrown out if species b is actually 1) species c or 2) species b cross contaminated by a. Another example would be to discredit studies on cell lines classified as human when they were chicken cell lines. This can have massive knock on effects if for example these studies were used to get granted permission to do studies on animals.

We should not care for the idiocy that as some cell studies are wrong that evolutionary theory is flawed and should be completely discredited. We probably may even hear more of that fallacious argument "this proves that evolutionary theory is a massive conspiracy." Little do these creationist realize that even if evolutionary theory is discredited today, it does not make their theory right. Their theory can only be right once it has been vetted scientifically. The reason this has not happened so far is that simply put, ID/creationism has no proof.

I think NPG should be lauded for taking this step in a very positive direction towards embracing a more transparent and scientific method. I also think that creationists should think, but that is certainly something that never seems to happen. I mean, all we need to think about is Noah.