Friday, 10 April 2015

Creation is a scientific fact?

Recently I got challenged by a creationist to prove that something can come from nothing, abiogenesis, evolution, and a hundred other questions in true Gish Gallop style. Then after presenting the evidence (see this link for the basic rundown) I got asked the same questions, so I copied and pasted my previous answer. Then I got asked the same questions again, and I got told to watch the You tube video entitled "Creation is a scientific fact" and answer all the questions in that movie as well. So anyway, I answered a lot of questions, and provided a lot of evidence. But in return I got no evidence, yet I still decided to answer some of the major points for my creationist friend.

So I present to you "Creation is a scientific fact" debunked.

The whole movie can be boiled down into one simple question which keeps getting asked. The only difference is that it is asked in a hundred different ways. It has to do with causality. The assertion is this, if the Universe had a beginning it had a cause, and this cause is the Biblical creator aka the God man.

But this is clearly just ridiculous, as if God caused the Universe then what caused God? Oh, thats easy to explain away apparently all you do is that you assert your God is "spaceless because it created space, timeless because it created time, immaterial because it created matter, powerful because it created out of nothing, intelligent because the creation event and the universe was precisely designed and personal because it made a choice to convert a state of nothing into something (impersonal forces dont make choices)."

Now, thats a lot of words, so to sum it up "what you do to prove God, is you get rid of the causality concept and then you assert the causality concept." So you create a contradiction and refuse to see it. This is creationism and this is how you assert a god.

What creationists and theists fail to realize is that you cannot just discard causality, as it does not fit your argument when your argument is based on causality. This is deceitful! In fact they go a long way in proving this deceit they employ by saying that you can assert whatever you want (about 28 minutes) when they are incorrectly interpreting and referencing Stephen Hawking's and the concept of imaginary time. Granted they are making the incorrect claim about imaginary time (imaginary time and real time work together, imaginary does not do away with real time) but if they are making this claim, they are dismissing their claim.

Which brings this debunking to a conclusion. I could go into further examples of what is wrong with this video, however there is no point when the philosophical and rationality behind the central concept is totally flawed.

On a side note, I am sure in the future I will revisit this as the person responsible for this video has written extensively on the Vatican and its knowledge of .....wait for it.....Aliens. :) My guess is the creationist person who asked me to watch this is unawares of the UFO connection.