Friday, 27 March 2015

The Miracle of life from death

This post is heavily inspired by my fellow blogger Deity Shmeity.

According to all Christians, Jesus died on the cross and then rose again three days later. This is something that is accepted as a fact by Christians and is one of the central tenants (if not the most important) of Christianity. If it was not for this miracle of life from death (or living from non-living) then there would be no Jesus dying for our sins. There would be no prophecy fulfillment, and there would certainly be no mega churches leeching money out of communities. So without a doubt it is clear that the resurrection of Christ is the basis for belief in Christianity.

The problem is this though, if Jesus came alive from the dead then essentially what Christians are telling us is that something living came from something not living. Thats is we got life from non-life. This means Christians are accepting that living matter can come from non-living matter without any significant proof. Essentially what Christians are admitting is that the concept of abiogenesis is true. They are saying that life can be created from non-living matter.

But if life came from non-life then that also poses a problem for Christians who believe that this is not true. That is, Christians who believe that the idea of abiogenesis is not true. In fact, I would go a step further and say that Jesus coming back from the dead in a form that is so complex is excepting something that is far beyond what it takes to accept that some elementary molecules starting replicating. In fact, if you are a Christian and accept the resurrection and cannot accept that simple molecules could start replicating from non-living elements you are living a double life. You have a set of standards for one group of thought, yet you do not apply those same set of standards.

So how do you fight your way out of this box? How do you stop living your double life?

My guess?