Friday, 6 March 2015

Did prayer really restart a teens heart?

There was a report last month that God had restarted a teens heart due to a mother prayer. Basically, in what is deemed as a miracle a boy fell through a lakes ice and spent 15 minutes under ice cold water. Then this boy was rescued, I gather by emergency services and the EMTs took him to the hospital where the doctors then proceeded to try revive him. After 27 minutes Dr. Kent Sutterer then decided it was time to tell the mother her child was dead and called her into the emergency room to give her the bad news. This then lead to the mother praying loudly and she asked God to please bring her son back to life. Then the miracle occured, as someone shouted ‘We got a pulse, we got a pulse.

Now, lets think about this skeptically. By applying the skeptic hat very quickly we will see that this is not a miracle. I am defining miracle here in the biblical sense, as really it is a bleeding amazing the kid made it.

To make this miracle not so miraculous anymore, I will ask one question. If Doctor Sutterer had called the death of the boy then why was someone monitoring his pulse. In other words, I am pretty sure death was not called and work was still been done to revive the boy. This means Dr Sutterer was really incorrect to be telling the mother her child died. Let me be clear, if time of death is called there is no more work done on the corpse, its dead!

To disprove this theory, I would literally have to see video evidence of the time of death been called and then the boys heart miraculously restarting. Which is clearly no going to happen, as why anyone would anyone be checking a corpse for a pulse?

No miracle here ladies and gentleman, but I am sure the Christians will be milking this for a long time to come.