Wednesday, 11 March 2015

Abiogenesis proven or not?

The question whether abiogenesis has been proven or not is a very important question that gets asked by theists, even though it is usually asked incorrectly when talking about evolution. While I have blogged repeatedly on the idea of abiogenesis, this time the question of whether is has been proven is directed at my atheist friends that believe it has been proven. Although, any theists reading this would do well to actually read carefully what I am writing here.

Personally, I believe that abiogenesis is an absolutely credible process for the start of life on our planet. The reason I believe this is really simple: most of the steps of a possible, and logical, abiogenesis pathway have been proven. In this sense it is easy to say that abiogenesis has been proven, however it has not. We need to remember that a lot of the links between a self replicating simple cell and the construction of some of these simple constituents of this cell have not been proven, yet. Surely, before I die there will be some proven pathway for this in place and I can die a happy man, but at present this has not happened.

For example in the figure below, we have the simple molecules forming a primitive cell and then producing proteins. However, we do not have the proof for the spontaneous formation of these simple molecules yet.

The problem when we say abiogenesis has been proven, is that we are assuming that theists accept that facts of the simple proven steps. Most theists do not accept these facts and in fact most theists believe this is evolution and not abiogenesis.

In closing, keep this comment in mind before you present abiogenesis as fact.

"While I agree with you that most of the components of abiogenesis have been demonstrated. Until we can basically do a Stanley-Miller type experiment and get at least a very simple self replicating cell (contained multiple reactions) then many theists will still dismiss it."