Monday, 23 March 2015

A new and very interesting vaccine

In a recent e-mail from the ACS, I got notification of a really interesting vaccine that is being developed. What makes it so interesting is that it is not to stop a disease but a lifestyle choice. Although, to call it a life style choice here is not correct, as the researchers are saying that it is not a life style choice but rather an addiction that does not necessarily have anything to do with choice. The whole concept of addiction, I have talked about before so I wont go into it again here.

So without further ado, here is a video presenting some evidence for a vaccine that will stop you smoking. Thats right, this vaccine is being developed to stop smoking. Maybe the anti-vaccers will say this is taking away free will, or is the governments method to curb health costs. I am not sure what they will say, but it will be something.

It is rather remarkable to think, that this could be a way to prevent smoking. To be fair, I really do not have a problem with smoking and I do think smokers are very unfairly discriminated against. I also believe that this is based on a lot of dodgy science about second hand smoke. When in reality the reason most people do not like second hand smoke is that it irritates them and has nothing to do with health. Its like a screaming baby on an airplane everyone wants the darn kid to shut up.

To clarify further, I am not sure how a tests can be accurate for second hand smoke when we are exposed to way worse toxins in our air everyday. In this way how are we sure that the effects we are seeing in tests (small increases) are actually related to second hand smoke and not chance. But, the fact that smoking is bad for the individual doing the smoking I will not contest.