Wednesday 18 March 2015

A modern look into the European Dark Ages

ISIS, as everyone knows is a bunch of retarded children that somehow got a bunch of guns and are now running around Iraq and Syria shouting Allah-U-Akbar as they follow their stone age book written by a pedophile. The murders perpetrated by these idiots are however just one part of the crimes they are committing against the greater world in general. It is due to their total lack of respect for human life and culture that they are offering the world a rare glance into what the European Dark Ages must have been like (link subscription only).

Just as the Taliban defaced and destroyed multiple religious monuments, like the famous Buddhas of Bamiyan, in Afghanistan.ISIS is similarly on a campaign to destroy the heritage of Iraq and the ancient Assyrian empire. After all what we have to remember is that these ISIS idiots believe things like "We were ordered by our prophet to take down idols and destroy them,". Needless to say the have zero proof of the prophet (Muhammad pedophile be upon him?) or Allah actually commanding them to do any of this.

 Buddhas of Bamiyan before the Taliban and after the Taliban.

ISIS has been systematically destroying world heritage sites as they advance in their campaign. Basically where they are, they are destroying culture and lives. Here is a list of major historical sites that ISIS has defaced/destroyed that the Iraqi government is aware of.
Mosul Museum
Assyrian capital of Nineveh
Assyrian capital of Nimrud
Assyrian capital of Khorsabad
These people are what we would term barbarian invaders. They are literally destroying everything in their wake. It is also believed that at times they are removing some statues and selling them on the black market. I gather this is been done to fund themselves, which goes a long way to prove that they do not care at all what is written in their Holy Book about graven images.

This destruction that ISIS is waving is a brutal reminder of what the European Dark Ages were like. I suppose we can only sit back and watch as they continue to deface and burn. If they are like their Christian brethren (which it seems they are) and finally reform, we only have about 1000 years to wait. Unfortunately the world does not have that long to wait in my humble opinion.

So, lets hope that the Dark Ages comes for this bunch of retards sooner rather than later.