Monday, 16 February 2015

Using discredited science

Let me ask you a simple question. If you step off of the observation desk of the Empire State Building, what will happen? Will you
(a) float.
(b) fly upwards.
(c) fall.

Its obvious what the answer to this question is as every sane person on this planet knows how gravity works. Everyone knows that Newtons theories of gravitation are universal, and yes they are theories as there are no such thing as scientific facts unless we accept a scientific fact as 99.9999r percent correct.  Now, if this is so easy to understand, then why do anti-vaccers and theists cling to fake science and facts?

We all know that anti-vaccers love to cite the now retracted manuscript which incorrectly showed that the MMR vaccine causes Autism. This same manuscript that led the lead author Andrew Wakefield to get his medical license revoked. Although to be fair, it was not just the manuscript that got him into so much hot water.

We also all know that Christians love to tell the tale of the Israelites exodus from Egypt under the guidance of Moses. Yet, all evidence shows that this never happened, and it certainly does not show that Moses parted the Red Sea. Yet, you still get theists that argue this is real and they will sometimes even go so far as to used debunked evidence to "prove it".

In fact, if anti-vaccer theists believed scientific theories/facts, then we would not be having isolated outbreak of preventable diseases in their churches, schools or summer camps etc. These people are, as I have stated before, a threat to society and need to be stopped. What they are doing to not only their children but other children verges on child abuse. Actually, I would like to say it is child abuse however not every unvaccinated child is going to get infected with a preventable disease so it would be a false analogy.

Remember, if someone believes that they are going to float or fly when they jump out a window, we will call them idiot or get them serious mental health help. In this same vain, if a theist or an anti-vaccer is using discredited science or facts over and over again when the truth has been pointed out, then why should we not call them idiots or mentally ill.