Monday, 2 February 2015

Prison and human rights

This is another off topic post, but as I need to vent and its my blog I will post what I want. Luckily, its also a post that I can use to poke fun at religious people.

Recently, I have had various discussions about prisons and human rights. So, I thought I would clarify my position on prisons and prisoner treatment. It is possible that these views will change but I have held these views for a while so am not sure it  will change that easily. To clarify, I am not talking about holding, I am talking about legit prisons where you go when you have been found guilty. So what is a prison?
Prison: a building where people are kept as punishment for a crime or while they are waiting to go to court.

Baghdad Central Prison (Source)

So why do you go to prison? You go there as you, in all probability, have violated some one else's human rights or at least caused another person immense distress financially, sexually or other. So, why do prisoners get treated so well when they have committed these violations on society? Or to take it a step further why are they entitled to TV, Internet, some Religious practices, etc. These people gave up these rights (some of them basic human rights) the day they committed their crime. Now there are people that disagree and say we should treat these people with all their human rights. However, I disagree completely as why should we be honoring people that have violated society.

Now before you rant and rave and attack my stance, that was background now let me tell you what I think should be done.

Prisoners should be taught skills in prisons, prisoners should work in prisons, prisoners should get an education (rational thought for starters) in prison. This should not be a choice, this should be a necessity for all prisoners. It will not only benefit them, it will benefit the society that they hopefully one day can integrate back into.

Prisoners should not be watching cabal TV, prisoners should not get access to family and friends, prisoners should get food that is healthy and prisoners should not be taught irrational thought. Some examples: If the meal at the prison is pork (which is cheaper than beef) then the Muslims and Jews should have to eat that meal or go hungry. The religious should not be allowed to read their irrational books (Koran, Bible, Baghvad Gita) as this goes against educating them in rational behavior for a better society. Prisoners should have to abide by the laws of the prison and human rights be damned. This is why I believe the Supreme court made a mistake when they allowed a prisoner to grow their religious beard when the prison has a stance that beards are not allowed.

Its a simple equation for me; prisoners broke the law, now they have to suffer the consequences. In the same way some people go to Arabic countries and are not allowed to drink alcohol. Its a choice both of these groups made, and they should not be claiming violation of human rights when they knew what their actions would lead to.

This question may come up, so I will address it here. I am completely against the death penalty. The reason for this is that mistakes can be made and I just don't want to kill someone who does not deserve it.