Monday, 9 February 2015

Mullah Krekar is one seriously dumb Muslim

When you see a story like the banishment of Mullah Krekar to a refugee camp in Norway, you just have to wonder why people still think belief in a god is a good idea. The banishment is not the reason I think religion is dumb though. In fact I would like to congratulate the Norwegian government on taking a stance against a preacher that has made numerous death threats and was one of the founders of the terrorist group Ansar al-Islam. The same terrorist group that has now officially joined ISIS.

 I personally think the flag designer sucks.

Let me add here that this preacher is very lucky to be living in Norway, its almost as if he was smart enough to realize where to go to. This guy is recognized as a terrorist by the UN and the USA, so if he was in any other country his problem would be a lot worse than a refugee center. But, this is still not the reason I believe religion is dumb for this case.

The reason is this, this idiot is not getting deported back to his home country of Iraq, because he will probably receive the death sentence. Yet, here he is. Still preaching Islam and claiming its wonders when it is the religion that got him into this trouble in the first place. You have to be mentally ill to not change your opinions when under threat of death. You have to be mentally ill to make death threats against government members in the country where you are being allowed to stay to escape this inevitable death penalty.  Perhaps the Norwegian government should place this Mullah in a psychiatric clinic and not a refugee center as clearly he is a very mentally ill person.