Wednesday, 11 February 2015

Life, it truly is amazing

A criticism that some atheists may at times receive is that we cannot look at the world and just be awestruck by the amazing beauty that exists. Its as if when you are a theist, this magically gives you a special insight which opens your eyes and allows you to see more vivid colours and hear more beautiful music. However, life is truly more amazing than anything a theist who believes a god created life can ever dream about.

To me the creation of life is truly the most amazing thing I can ever consider. Even before life started, really to me it is amazing that atoms whirling about created the planets, galaxies, moons, stars, etc. But I digress lets return to Earth and let me explain my amazement further. Have you ever thought how incredible it is that separate atoms on Earth came together to form simple molecules? If we consider for example a single sugar molecule (C12H22O11) it is confounding to think that 12 carbon atoms, 22 hydrogen atoms and 11 oxygen atoms came together in a very specific way to form this simple yet elegant molecule. Yet, something very similar to this happened in the Earths early life beginnings.

So, we have a simple molecule. So what, who cares? True no one should care, but these molecules started doing something incredible. These molecules started to effectively have babies or what is more commonly referred to as self replicate. Now self replicating reactions are nothing new to chemists and biochemists around the world. But the idea, if you actually think about it, is utterly amazing. What you have is something which we would call dead effectively creating another copy of itself. It is in essence making babies, yet we classify it as not living. But that is fine you can call it dead, I really don't mind. The reason I don't mind is that these reactions are the basis for life and let me elaborate a little.

In every cell in your body and my body there are millions of reactions doing self replication and other reactions. These reactions are necessary to  supply us with energy, make sure we don't get sick, when we get sick fight infection,....... and yes even make babies. Importantly, the making babies part relies heavily on self replication which is important in DNA transfer and the growth of a fertilized embryo. The growing embryo is what most people would consider life, but it would not be possible without these self replication reactions.

This is what life is for me, the probability of things liken this happening are small but they happened! We are learning more about these types of processes everyday, and who knows maybe we will answer all the questions before our sun dies in a heat death. But this is me being amazed, this is me respecting life and the principles that underlie it. This is me loving the truth and the reality of how we grow old, grow wise, love, hate and reproduce.

In contrast, if I say a creator created life all of that wonder of life described disappears as it has zero basis. Then some theists have the audacity to tell me I cannot appreciate life as I do not believe in a creator god.

Life truly is amazing.