Tuesday, 10 February 2015

Islamic outrage in three, two, one...

As I do when I am bored at times and seeking something new and weird I head over to 4chan. Well earlier I was rummaging around on 4chan and it was here that I saw screen caps to a new game which is guaranteed to lead to some serious Islamic outrage ............. or by the time this post goes live, the outrage has probably already started.

There has been a game released called "Muhammad Sex Simulator 2015" which is based on the prophet Muhammad and ........ well his sex choices. You can choose between sheep, pigs, group sex, scat play etc etc......and all the sex is homosexual. This game is not in poor taste, but I would not recommend googling images for it. This googling will happen, but I assure you a lot of people are going to be affronted by some images they would rather not see.

Here is the games start up screen.

Hey if its something you want to try out, enjoy it there are download links everywhere on the Internet. Personally I am not going to play it but I am not going to judge anyone that does. But thats just me, I am sure many Muslims around the world will be judging soon enough when they rage and issue a Fatwah on the game maker and anyone that plays it.