Saturday, 7 February 2015

Is it cool to be an Islamic apologist?

There are so many Islamic apologists about thses days and it is something that really worries me. Don't get me wrong its not that I only think Islam is a detriment to society, I believe all religion is detremental. However, we only have to look at ISIS, or Boko Haram, or 9/11, or Charlie Hebdo, or... to see that Islam is anything but a peaceful religion and something that is not beneficial to society at all. So, why are there so many Islamic apologists these days? I think I may have some insight into this, and as such I present to you the five types of Islamic apologists that you will encounter.

1) The Islam is a culture apologist.
This apologist makes the horribly incorrect assumption that Islam is a culture. It is not a culture, it is a religion. If you believe religion is a culture, then why do people always show a very evident difference. For example "Religion is ingrained in our culture and so homosexuals should not be allowed to get married." This does not mean Religion is culture, it means there are people that believe in the god concept that are part of your culture and they may be in the majority.

On the aspect of culture and religion I can continue for weeks to show that religion is not a culture. If you deny this, you are just lying to yourself and everyone around you. Basically you are doing apologetic cartwheels.

2) The Cool  Islamic apologist
 Partly, I think the recent rise in the cool Islamic apologists  can be partly blamed on Ben Affleck (and other cool celebrities idols) and his Islamic apologetics. The reason I say that is that a lot of people don't actually read anything real, but watch a hell of a lot of mindless entertainment. In the same way, they associate with Hollywood and the entertainment industry more than they do with current events. For example, I am sure more people know what the Kardashian's had for lunch, than how many people Boko Haram killed last week. This apologist, is the one that buys into the Islam is culture reason and a bunch of other things that they have seen on memes. However, this is also the person that you will not be having an intelligent conversation with as they will probably be shouting words like RACIST!!!!!

BTW, can anyone tell me what the Kardashian's actually do? I have never been able to get an answer besides, they are celebrities. Ok, that's fine but why?

3) The Theistic apologist
Sigh, the worst type. What these apologists do is go around defending Islam, just so that they can feel justified in their stupid religion. They probably are hoping that some celebrity says Religion X is culture, then they can revert to the cool religion X apologist and scream RACIST!!!! 

What makes these people the worst type is that they are not defending Islam as a culture. They are defending their own god via a proxy stand, but claiming you are intolerant. Its probably the most dishonest type of apologist as they are lying about there defense of another religion and when pressed on the issue they will say they do not believe Islam is a good religion.

4) The Mentally ill apologist
Not much to say about this apologist. This person believe Islam is just right for no apparent reason. Think ISIS and you have the mentally ill apologist epitomized.

5) The standard apologist
William Lane Craig anyone? This person wont lie, but they also will do backwards somersaults over flaming pits of hungry tigers to defend their evil god. Oh, and yes they also like the mentally ill apologist believe in Islam for no apparent reason other than "its true because the Koran said so".

So what type of apologist are you? I hope its none of the types listed.