Friday, 13 February 2015

I am a creationist I am not amused

I found this article a while ago on that creationist website called, whose name I still cannot wrap my head around. In this article the creationists take exception to the "Festival of Bad Ad Hoc Hypotheses" saying that evolutionists should not try be funny as these ideas sound like real evolution ideas.

For those of you who don't know the Bad Ad Hoc festival is based on the idea that you present a horrible hypothesis for some evolutionary event.  It all started out with a comic which poked fun at Darwinism by saying that babies are more aerodynamic so they can be kicked far to spread genes further. This is obviously an absurd idea, but its amusing if you have a brain and can see the idiocy of the idea.

However, creationists are not amused as they say that some of the ideas presented last year were what real evolutionary biologists would accept as real. Ideas such as "Increased competition among humans for food drove bugs to become ever more disgusting to keep people from eating them" and "We evolved to yawn to catch bugs to eat"....... Yes, you are allowed to be in stunned silence. If they really think these ideas would qualify as evolutionary ideas, then they have zero concept of evolution or they know some basement dwelling evolutionary biologists that I do not know. FYI, basement dwelling evolutionary biologists is secret code for the Creation Institute. It is obvious these ideas are not real evolution, as they use subjective words like disgusting. Science does not use subjective words they use words that can be measured.

What really is disconcerting is that creationists are always trying to make fun of evolution by throwing out there "I am not a monkey hypothesis", so why are they so angry that evolution is mocking itself. Perhaps they are angry because a satire event on evolution gets more publicity than anything a creationist ever presents. If only they understood that the reason behind this lack of interest is due to the inaccuracy and absurdity in their so called "science".