Wednesday 18 February 2015

God will not protect the unvaccinated

Mondays post dealt with vaccinations and pseudo science in general, so here I present to you some pictures. These pictures should make sense to any anti-vaccers who thinks vaccines are unsafe. If you can look at these pictures ans not see that vaccines are important, then you are an idiot and nothing I ever could say would make you stop believing that  vaccines are unsafe, NWO, mind control medicine. These pictures I got from a recent editorial and news piece in Nature magazine regarding the recent Measles outbreak in Disneyland.

It does not take a PhD, or any study at any school to be able to see that the more vaccinated people the less outbreak of preventable disease such as Measles.

(From top to bottom: Figure 1  2012, Figure 2 2000, Figure 3 1990, Figure 4 1980)
Left column is Measles cases (dark colors indicate higher numbers) and Right column is vaccinations (dark colors indicate higher numbers). Grey colors indicate no data available.

Please share, as a picture does really say more than a thousand words.

This is even more important when governments are considering letting parents get out of vaccinating children due to religious or moral objections. Th only way to get out of a vaccine should be medical safety. Your god and your moral conscience are not something viruses care about. Your moral conscience and your god will not save you, you will/may get sick and you may die.