Friday, 6 February 2015

Dumb Ideas - World Hijab Day, yes its a real thing

Recently, I have had a little more time on my hands so I have been reading a lot more news. Its actually mind blowing how much stupid stuff happens everyday due to religion,its no wonder atheists never run out of fodder for their blogs. Now, onto the post.

Apparently, Monday the 2nd of February was World Hijab Day. Before, you start laughing this is not satire. I am not making this up and I did not hack CNN to make this story up.

The problem with this whole concept is really simple, and something I wish more women and men in the West who support this movement would realize. In the West, in most cases, you have a choice to wear a Hijab or Burqa or whatever else you want to wear. However, in a lot of Islamic states women do not have a choice and they are forced to wear it under threat of punishment either by family or government. This means by supporting a day like this, you are in effect supporting oppression. I feel comfortable saying supporting oppression, as  in the West we have a voice and we have equality. In those Islamic countires that force this clothing on women, they do not have a voice and they do not have equality.

If you want to wear a burqa or hijab or bikini, do it! However, please don't support an idiotic idea as the headscarf is a symbol of oppression.

What really made my day in the article was the following s comment from a lady that wears the Hijab religiously, "It's moving forward religiously. If you're raised in Islam, then you want to embrace everything it says. For me, personally, that progress was doing the hijab." Its Islamic to wear a Hijab? I mean, I am not even an Islamic scholar but I know the Koran says nothing about wearing a Hijab. It makes me wonder where she gets this idea from. My guess is that Muslims are just like the Christians and actually do not read their holy book, but do as they are told like the good sheep they are.