Wednesday, 25 February 2015

Christian apologist sliding scale: Craig to Comfort

Lately, I have been giving Christian apologetics some thought  or should I say specific arguments presented by certain apologists. While it is clear that there are no good arguments for God, there are certainly good apologists. Good obviously here is a very subjective term, so maybe I need to clarify. When I say good, I mean someone that has put a lot of effort into the argument to try make it water tight and has actually updated their argument to counter rebuttals. By bad, I mean the apologist that just asserts again and again.

So today I present the Christian apologist Sliding Scale, which is based on the Craig-Comfort level. The Craig level being a good apologist, and the Comfort being a bad apologist. For visual aid I will add a graphic below of where I think some apologists fall.

So where does your favorite apologist fall?