Friday, 9 January 2015

When you wish you could be a fly on a wall.

Sometimes, things happen that just bring a smile to your face, this is one of those times. So, it is with utmost pleasure that I am proud to bring the news that Mia Khalifa is PornHub's biggest Porn Star. The reason this announcement brings such a smile to my face (and hers due to all the extra publicity) is because of all the Islma-tards that are reacting so badly over this. I mean sending death threats and telling her they want to slit her throat is depressing, but the fact is she is famous for Porn and they really really don't like that. The question that gets me though, is how do they even know about her? My guess would be that those dirty Mullahs and Islama-tards are secretly downloading and browsing these multiple porn sites and felt offended that she has an Arabic tattoo or that she wore a Hijab in one of her Porn scenes.

To celebrate Mia here are some non x-rated photos which should make you feel proud of the way she has been causing havoc for the secret websurfing porn loving Islama-tards.

To Mia I congratulate you on a job well done, and keeping sticking it to the Islama-tards. Okay not in that way, seriously get your mind out the gutter.