Wednesday, 21 January 2015

Some people need help

Laws, they exist for a reason.

Pretty much everyone at some point will wonder why laws exist. In fact we will often not necessarily like the laws we live under. In fact, we may feel that at times they impede on our freedoms. So why do we have laws and why do I say they exist for a reason? In my opinion laws exist for the benefit of society in general. In fact I am pretty sure that most people would agree with this really simple explanation.

For example  in the country I reside in some people don't want to recycle. The one way the government gets recycling to happen is by applying a tax on trash bags yet recycling is a free service. So you can take your recycling to the closet recycling bins and you don't need to pay, or you can throw it away in the normal trash bags (about 1 USD for 20 liters). In effect this law (tax) is helping people not to pollute the environment by making them pay more to get recyclable trash not correctly discarded removed. In fact the law goes further than that, but for demonstration purposes I think it proves the point that laws exist to benefit everyone by creating a pollution free environment.

The above example may seem complex, so lets dumb it down and we see that there are also the simple rules like don't murder others. Its really not difficult to see that by not being able to kill others whenever you want, we are in fact creating a better society. I don't think I would be going out on a limb by saying that everyone reading this post would see that a do not murder law really is a simple and rational outcome.

So what else would be a rational simple law that benefits everyone? As I have suggested before, why don't governments everywhere ban religion as it stifles rational thinking? Some people just need help and this is why laws are a good thing. Perhaps, by banning religion we truly would be helping irrational people.