Tuesday, 27 January 2015

Social Justice and Atheism

This is something that came up the other day in a conversation with someone and so I thought it would make a good post. The person pointed out that atheism has been corrupted by social justice warriors (SJWs). To me this is completely absurd, as simply put  SJWs are not atheists. SJWs may be atheists, but they may be Christians or Buddhists or a myriad of other things. What is important to realize that SJWs are not representing atheism, as atheism is simply the rejection of the god claim.

So why do I feel its necessary to highlight this issue? Well the truth is that this is something that a lot of people seem not to get. Its an issue that many people need to understand especially as this idea can then get applied wrongly when it comes to religion. Its something Ben Affleck in fact did so brilliantly in his idiocy on the Bill Maher show. But let me elaborate with two examples.

This is my blog, and I often post about other things besides atheism such as evolution, politics, feminism etc. This does not mean in any way that my political, evolutionary and social views are representative of atheism. It means they are my views, and I just happen to be an atheist.

Secondly, consider the Atheism+ movement. This could be a movement which incorporates atheism plus murder and rape. This, does not mean atheism promotes murder and rape. It means these are atheists that are for murder and rape.

So how does this idea wrongly tie in with religion?

An easy example is to consider Islam. Muslims in non-Islamic/Sharia Law countries like to point out that Islam is the religion of peace. Yet the Koran is explicit in what it states should be done with the Infidel, i.e. kill them. This means that your religion is inherently based on concepts which modern society has deemed unacceptable. This means your religion is not peaceful no matter how you spin your sorry tale.

Or what about Christians? In Christianity it says explicitly homosexuality is a sin, and that homosexuals should get killed. This is unacceptable in modern day society. This means your religion is unacceptable in modern day society if you are not prepared to change it.

Atheism has one tenant, disbelief in a god. That is all there is to it.This is not inherently bad according to modern standards. Unless you are a theist that lives in the stone age, but guess what that is not modern.