Monday, 12 January 2015

Protecting your Omnipotent God

If you read the title and stop and re-read it then I am glad as it shows that you see the inherent problem with this title. Its a problem that all theists however do not see, and the effect of this can be deadly as seen recently in Paris or it can be complete stupidity as seen in Paris as well not so long ago when Venner blew his head off. In fact, I could probably go through a large majority of the posts on this blog and point out that a lot of the stupidity that occurs in theism is due to believers protecting their omnipotent god. So lets stop and look at a definition to see if this makes any sense at all.

Omnipotence: is the quality of having unlimited power. This trait is usually attributed to monotheistic gods.

Now generally, to anyone with have a brain the key word here is unlimited. Unlimited power literally means that this person or god can do anything they want. So, in other words simply stated there is no reason to defend your offended god, because if your god is offended really he/she/it can take care of itself. If you still do not believe me, her is an analogy that should make sense.

I weigh 90 kilograms and cannot fight, on the other hand Mike Tyson weighs 100 kilograms and can fight really well. Would it make sense for me to defend Mike Tyson against someone the same weight as me who has no fighting skills?

Now, I am sure there is some stupid apologetic excuse for all of this. But the fact remains if you defend your omnipotent god then you are admitting one thing, and that is that your god is not omnipotent. Clearly this does not hold for polytheists as you cannot hold the belief that multiple gods are omnipotent, as by definition this is an impossibility.

In conclusion, there really is nothing else to say on the matter. You are either stupid and don't understand this. Or you are a rational person who does not believe a god is omnipotent, which means you should not believe in the first place.