Wednesday 7 January 2015

Pastor Anderson a royal twit

I know I am not the first atheist blogger (thanks to VJack at Atheist revolution for turning me onto this) to write about Pastor Anderson, and I am also sure I will not be the last. It seems this idiot has a knack of ruffling peoples feathers.In fact if you have not seen his theatrical masterpiece "AIDS: the Judgment of God", I would suggest you see a doctor first to make sure you do not have heart problems. Any person with a heart problem and intelligence  could actually have a heart attack watching the stupidity that is Anderson.

In fact, I was seething about 2 seconds into the feature failure when his JayZ wannabe narrator was yelling at me that A.I.D.S used to be called G.R.I.D (Gay-related immune deficiency). Now while this is true, why is it relevant? It is only relevant if you are a homophobe. Simply put, it was a name assigned to a disease that had unknown origins and then when they actually worked out what it was it got a name change to the more apt A.I.D.S. (acquired immune deficiency syndrome). Acquired instead of gay-related as guess what not only gay people get it. In fact the chances are that it originated in some of the more homophobic parts of Africa by jumping host from monkeys to humans. Maybe we should be more true to its origins and call it Straight people that eat monkeys immune deficiency syndrome, although the acronym S.P.E.M.I.D.S. I don't think will ever catch on.


Lastly, I should add here that more importantly  A.I.D.S. is caused by a virus called H.I.V. or human immunodeficiency virus, not gay immunodeficiency virus. But then again Pastor Fruitcake does not care about facts, after all if he did he would actually present scientific evidence for his god and this gods homophobic stance.

So that was 2 seconds into this mockumetary documentary. If you want to be inflamed more at this homophobes stance please feel free to watch the movie below.

Now, there have been certain new reports etc. that have said he is preaching hate in his church which could lead to violence. I will be honest, I disagree with these reports as he says very clearly in the failure that he does not want people to go and kill gays, see the video below.

However, I will also add that he also will not accept any homosexuals into his church. So, yes he does not want to kill gays, but he also does not want them around. The problem is this fool is not teaching hate, but he is very smart in the way he phrases things. So yes, he would never kill any homosexuals, but he could speak so much trash into someones mind that they may do it for him.