Monday, 26 January 2015

Pastor Anderson in a new lulz

Pastor Anderson recently he posted a new movie titled "Failure to Obey" which has to do with the idiotic idea of refusing to give your personal information to Border Patrol agents or police officers. It subsequently documents the tasing he received at a checkpoint when he was being his normal self. Now, there is too much in this video which shows what an arrogant and combative ignorant fool this pastor is. So, I thought I would highlight just a few points which should make you wonder how this essentially crazy person can actually be a person people look to for advice. If you want to understand the mindset of this person, then please feel free to watch the movie embedded below.

1) He requires evidence for belief.
The reason the officers wanted to check his car was due to a dog smelling something in his car. He then asks that they bring the dog back to prove the dog was interested in his car. This is the same guy that believes in a god with no evidence.

2) He is a liar.
He says they read him his rights while being detained after he was beaten and arrested. However, his own video evidence shows he was in the car when his rights got read to him.

He states that he hates to waste time. Yet, if you hate to waste time why did you sit in your car refusing to answer a simple question for over an hour?

3) He is ashamed of his beliefs.
This whole movie has to do with the power of being an American citizen. Yet for an American citizen and consitutionalist, he is really ashamed to admit that when asked the question "Are you and American?".

He does not want his sermons put into evidence against him. What he does not realize that these videos show a lot into a persons psyche, i.e. that he is a delusional person.

4) He is combative and sensationalist.
He talks about the law of the so called constitution free zone, then he continues to argue with the police officers. If you know the laws then you are explicitly being combative by disobeying the law.

You resisted arrest, as your rights were read to you. As such force was warranted. Anyone who watches the movie they will see you are an idiot who sat for an hour and a half in a car and then got tasered when in fact if you had got out of the car when asked you would have been home at least an hour earlier and not ended up in hospital, then jail, then court. This is combative and sensationalist, something your friend Andy Warhol would have been pleased with as you search for your 15 minutes of fame.

5) He is a danger.
You are a danger.Every time you make people tase you or break windows you are putting people in harms way. So yes the attorney was justified in allowing you not to leave the state when you were awaiting trial.


Lastly maybe some things you want to think about if you ever see this Pastor Anderson.

1) The police asked your name and you denied it. How would you like it if the police denied a request to help you when you are getting attacked as they just feel like not answering the phone. They just feel like doing the same thing that you do.

2) Why do you call people Nazis? Is it really necessary to insult people all the time when you are meant to be on the moral highroad. I insult you as you are an idiot and I am not claiming the high road.