Friday, 30 January 2015

Is it gods voice?

Charisma news always has some interesting insights into the mind and ideals of theists, but I do not believe they have ever published anything better than the article entitled "5 Ways to know if its gods voice". So I thought I would give the simplified answer to know if its gods voice.

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Simple, but lets also look at the methods they employ and see if there is any rationality behind them. After all, this is what you are meant to do even when the answer is obviously it is not gods voice but the schizophrenia or random thoughts speaking.

1) Test the origin (1 John 4:1).
1) Test the origin (1 John 4:1).
1) Test the Origin. Valid reasoning at which point you should demand the proof that there is in fact a god. After all if the origin is god, surely you need evidence that god exists. Unfortunately, this is not what they meant by test the origin.

2) Compare it to Biblical principles. Not very good reasoning at all, surely you have to have evidence which shows that the bible is the literal word of god first before you can compare it. That is assuming you have already made it past point one by proving that god actually exists and could be speaking to you.

3) Compare it to the names and character of God as revealed in the Bible. In other words if the voice is not telling you to go out and murder, pillage, or be a genocidal maniac, it is probably not in gods character. But then again, I have read the bible so maybe this point is for those Christians that only know the parts of the Bible that get thrown around in church every Sunday.

4) Test the fruit. This is one of those feel good type tests, basically saying if it feels good it is god and if it feels bad it is not god. Not sure how this is a good method to test anything after all it relies on your personal feeling and not evidence.

5) Share it with your spiritual counselors. The best advice so far. If these spiritual counselers have any normal thoughts you will at this point get transferred to a good psychiatric ward were you will get treated for delusions. Again this is unfortunately not what they meant, they meant just get confirmation from some other delusional people that it is in fact god.

In closing, some good advice if applied rationally. However, this article is all about showing you how to apply all the advice in the most insane and unhelpful way.