Monday, 19 January 2015

According to Creationists this is not evolution.

There is this wrongly named evolutionnews website out there, which focuses exclusively on trying its best to debunk anything evolution. In fact the creationists who run it try their best to scour through evolution papers trying to show that evolution is wrong. Usually most things creationists do to try debunk evolution are amusing, but even I was surprised how far they went with this article. In fact I would say this really does show how far these people will go to scrape the bottom of the barrel.

These Creationists believe that due to a recent paper published in PNAS (Optimal resource allocation in cellular sensing systems) that evolutionary biologists are becoming more comfortable with the idea of intelligent design and its repercussions i.e. god. The reason given will astound you, they say this due to the fact that the article under discussion uses the term design 24 times in the paper. Unfortunately, what they do not understand is that the term design is used in terms of resource allocation in the cell to perform a task.  These authors are not advocating that an intelligent designer exists, in fact if you look for the words intelligent design and/or god that would be supporting creationism you will find there is nothing there. So why are these people so dishonest? The answer is simple,they have no evidence for themselves so they have to try hijack valid scientific evidence and abuse it to try forward their pseudo science agenda.

I think, this should also be a warning to scientists to make sure that they use correct language in publications. Anyone with a brain knows these scientists are not advocating for intelligent design when they use the word design. However, the IDiots do not have brains and they use their lies to influence other people who also lack critical thinking skills. Maybe a line in the manuscript saying "the use of design in this manuscript in no way forwards the pseudo scientific fraud theory of intelligent design also known as creationism" would go a long way in destroying the creationist movement.

Further than the misrepresentation presented by these creationists is that they then show their ignorance of evolution by spouting the following "Nothing is cheering the salmon on to fight its way miles up against the current. It would just as soon float downstream and go extinct. Same with E. coli."  However, there is a driving force. So in effect they are proposing a driving force for the fact that a salmon spawns upstream. This is good news as they admit there is a driving force that must exist for this to happen. Now biologists and people with brains call this process evolution and we have a multitude of evidence for it. On the other hand creationists provide god as the reason for this, yet to date there is zero proof for the existence of this driving force.

It would then surely make sense that evolution is correct? If not you truly are an IDiot.